Friday, October 30, 2009

The Beauty of Journal

ばらばらなPrima pagesをこんな風にまとめて下さって、感謝でいっぱいです!

Just has no word to express my appreciation to you Sharon, love the way how you put my simple pages together under a such nice title. Thousand of thanks!!!!

One of the reasons made me keeping my journals is the "messiness", or I should use a better word FREEDOM. There is never a rule, right or wrong, clean or dirty, the way it leads you is the way it is, just enjoy the flow and just let it goes!  Often I made pages that I don't like but more than that, I know there is a new blank page coming, so I just painted or flipped it over, then start a new page. Like our life, it is pretty simple as far as you know how to "make it" simple. Doesn't has to erase everything you don't like, sit back and take a cup of coffee, add more paints, collage with your scraps, add a flower on ... things often happen for a reason, just let it be, enjoy it !

Hopefully by today's Prima post, it will give enough reasons and inspiration to start your new page today!

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