Saturday, February 13, 2010

Prima and Ranger - Happy Valentine's Day x 3

Love, love LOVE ! Happy Valentine's Day is up front here and more than that, I am soooooo excited to watch, follow and be part of this blog hop between Prima's DT,  Prima and Tim Holtz! for all these projects. DON'T forget to HOP!! Take your time! I hope I didn't miss will see the hop list at the end of this post.

日本の皆さんへ、ごめん、今夜はPrima DT内に新しいcoupleを誕生させました!
Prima + Rangerでございます。Prima DTのblog hopもぜひcheckして!(このpostの最後までお読みくださいね)

I did few projects featuring on this NEW "couple" - Ranger and Prima!
Ranger's distress ink, mask and embrossing products went perfectly on each other. I love the sweetie from Prima's flowers on top the antique feel from Ranger's distress ink. Aren't they nice couple?

Childhood Love Journal
This is a hand bound journal I created for myself to document my
childhood memories. I washed all the papers with Distress Ink Reinkers
as a base (added waters and soaked the papers for 30 mins), let them
dry, then padded #TIM19527 (Vintage Photo) on top of the Tim's
numbers/alphabet mask to decorate the book cover (my birth year!!!). Padded distress ink on paddles and flowers to get an antique touch. I love the touch of the distress ink on the torn paper edge which gave me a very rich "safe" feel of AGING - at least the papers are older than me, haha!

Home deco HUG x LOVE
A home decoration altered by Donna's fabric album.  I first padded Ranger's #ABP07173 (Raspberry) over the canvas, then used another Ranger color #TIM19435 (Antique Linen) to pad on top of the mask in order to show the pink letters. Further doodled on the masked area HUG LOVE. Applied Prima's mini rose and embossing power #EPJ00198 (Gold) to further emboss the hearts.

Then, UP front this lovely day, in fact there is another BIG BIG BIG and lovely day in my house - we are celebrating my BIG BOY right in front of the Valentine's day for his 11th birthday!

Then, then ... what's more? Happy Chinese New Year!!!! Kung Hei Fat Choy!
 Yahooooo, all the Chinese are celebrating the Lunar New Year this weekend. The big date is coming on Sunday. Living in Japan for more than 10 years, the longer I live, the more I miss my hometown Hong Kong. We used to enjoy the fireworks, watching TV, chat and eat for the whole week long. And, never forget those red pockets.
Here? .... it is another love in Tokyo.  Love my family here, love all my artsy friends here, love my business partner here, love all the freedoms and times allowing me to create. 

Cheers for "another" NEW starts!
More photos will be posted on Flickr.

Okay, enjoy your HOPPING journey.

Ingvild Warren


  1. All of your work is so gorgeous!!!! Awesome stuff girlie!
    xoxox Cari

  2. love the colors and textures!!!

  3. you artsy chicken you!!! ;)
    love your style, joei!!

  4. Joei, they are all BEAUTIFUL! I really really miss your workshop. let's seriously plan a workshop in Singapore! Happy Chinese New year! haruka

  5. Happy Chinese New Year!!! I hope it'll be a great year for you on all levels.
    Your bags are beautiful! You have such a delicate touch with your art.

  6. happy chinese new year! your projects are full of color and life

  7. Hi all, HAPPY Chinese New Year! The weekend was full of love, especially with all your lovely comments.