Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Busy life

How many times do you use the word of BUSY? in a way? I love this word which gave me a big excuse for almost everything but the truth is ... why are we busy? and what are we busy for? As a mom of one child, I can't really imagine what is the life of having three kids, four kids ... no, her 5th was just born few months ago!!!! Please spend a minute to enjoy her way of "Creative Life", her name is Janine who really inspired me a lot, not only from her LO and stunning colors but the way she enjoy her life there.

Here is another creative mom I met last weekend. The Cunningham family who spent a weekend at RBR for Andy's Right Brain Drawing workshop. Needless to say, you can tell how satisfy they are from their rewarding smiles but what really impressed me was their dad Graham who initially putting the whole family together to create this EVENT.

Life is always busy and challenging but how lucky we are being able to share and surrounding by these creative and harmony families all the time.

BUSY BUSY Busy .... 毎日が忙しくて。。。
そんな時にこの本に出会えて、PROJECT of LIFE 人生のプロジェクト。
とてもおすすめな一冊、一見business向けだけど、ママとしてもとてもヒントになる一冊です。以前も紹介したと思いますが、5児のママJanine (Prima DTの一人)に日頃scrapbookingをとおして、子育てと仕事をenjoyしてる姿。それから先週末家族ごとでRBRに絵画ワークショップを参加してくださったLindsey familyをみて、

BUSY life = CREATIVE life じゃないかと思います。。。

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